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The Extraordinary Ordinary In-Between: From Seeking More to Finding Enough is an honest, relatable, inspiring memoir that follows a woman on a journey to find herself amid the magic and mayhem of mothering and everyday life.

Birth trauma, cancer, and a surprise twin pregnancy force a freedom-seeking good girl and mother of four to finally turn inwards and answer the question clouding her sunny exterior for decades: Why am I discontent?

The memoir follows the sometimes funny and sometimes painful process of awakening, freeing the mind from individual and societal constraints with the help of a persistent psychotherapist, an enlightened guru, and an Irish angel called Jimmy.

Told in the form of the parable of the two selves, this memoir explores the age-old inner conflict between the head and heart, opening the reader’s mind to both the oneness and the duality that live within all of us.

The Extraordinary Ordinary In-Between: From Seeking More to Finding Enough is a relatable story of longing for contentment, written for the woman who would love an Eat Pray Love journey but is bound to her home and kids. Lara offers that seeking woman one big idea - we do not have to achieve a momentous feat, move to an ashram, or escape hardship to find our truest selves – we can do it right here, in the peaks and valleys of everyday life.

Lara Charles- awakened living

“I’m filled with admiration for the dedication you’ve made not only to the craft of writing but to the art of being."

Betsy Rapoport, Editor, New York


I enjoyed this book so much. It is a self-help book, also for people who don’t like self-help books, which is, in the end, the best type of self-help.

India Lopez, Book Editor, New Zealand

India Lopez


Lara’s book is beautifully written and her unique voice shines through right from the start. It’s equal parts humorous and poignant but always unflinchingly honest. It is not only a cancer survivor’s story but a powerful story of her inner journey, which is the journey we all have in common, whether we have cancer or not.

Petrina Hargrave, Co-founder, Thriver's Ark


Lara's knowledge is no longer conceptual. It is no longer borrowed knowledge from spiritual teachers or teachings. Lara has taken a dive into herself in a true and deep way. Her writing reflects her special inner light of awareness, a light that many can benefit from its clarity in how to live with true purpose and in happiness.

Shikhaa, Spiritual Teacher and Co-founder of the Wisdom of Meditation Centre, New Zealand

Shikhaa, Wisdom of Meditation


This book is so relatable, which is why it draws so much connection to the reader. I didn't want it to end.

Beta Reader, Singapore

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

“This book captivated me from the start and I could wholeheartedly relate. It is beautifully written - emotional, raw and real."

Beta reader, Australia

The Extraordinary Ordinary In-Between: From Seeking More to Finding Enough

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