Ordinary Awakenings

A Memoir of Soul-Searching in Everyday Life

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Ordinary Awakenings: A Memoir of Soul-Searching in Everyday Life, is a deeply honest, highly relatable, and enlightening account of my search for completeness amidst ordinary, everyday life. I don't travel the world to find myself.
I do the school run. I battle cancer.

The book follows the perspectives of Laura and Arabelle. Laura is my fear, my thoughts, my ego. Arabelle is my soul; she is love.

The story is about Laura’s gradual diminishing of power and how, amid the peaks and troughs of everyday living, Arabelle came to (mostly) be the driver of my life.

This raw and honest memoir chronicles the messiest, most demanding, most incredible decade of my life. I had three pregnancies, one of which was with twins, two of which nearly ended in tragedy. I was diagnosed with rare cancer. Life tested my marriage, family, body and mind. Yet, I came out of this decade of disorder at peace. These anecdotes from my life buttressed a singular theme: Giving up control and learning to trust.

In the end, life was ultimately the same and completely different. The level of peace and freedom I had previously accessed only on my yoga mat was now the place I lived life from. While remnants of ego remained, the simple knowing that Arabelle existed was enough to dissipate suffering. I felt free.

The everyday person seeking more meaning will see themselves in these pages.

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This book is for:

  • Spiritual seekers: anyone yearning for wholeness - I see you. This book is ultimately about following those seeds of longing all the way home. The fact that awakened living is available to everyone is a story not widely told, and it is the story I am here to tell.
  • Anyone processing a cancer or serious health diagnosis.
  • Someone wanting to help a loved one through cancer.
  • Mothers! Yes, we can be spiritual AND be stay-at-home mamas. In fact, motherhood is a path to awakening.
  • Anyone who has ever felt they are not enough. I certainly did. I couldn’t articulate why I felt ‘incomplete’; I just felt that way. So, to fill this void of unease, I tried to perfect and control almost every element of my life. Okay, every aspect: cancer, motherhood, family and marriage.

Ordinary Awakenings will be ready for publication in 2022.