My D (diagnosis) Day Prayer for You

prayer for cancer

August 2021

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a health problem, I want to reach out and give you a big virtual hug. It is hard. It is bloody scary. You have every right to feel the fear you are feeling. I get it. Fear gripped me too. What transpired after my blood cancer diagnosis in 2013 was years of fear-driven attempts to ‘heal’. You may be in that place too. That is okay. Go through whatever you have to go through.

The only thing I will say to you is the thing I wish I had heard. That there is a part of yourself that isn’t scared. That part of yourself is already healed. It is hidden deep within, but it is there. It is always at peace, cancer or no cancer. And it is the truest, most authentic part of you. My prayer for you is that among the green juice, herbs, medication and treatment, you also go inwards to search for and find that aspect of yourself. That is where liberation lies. Big, big love to you.

~ © 2021 Lara Charles

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About the author

Lara Charles is an Australian writer and mama living in Aotearoa, New Zealand, with her husband and four children. Lara writes at the intersection of spirituality and modern life. Her work has been featured on New Zealand’s most prominent media platform, Stuff, as well as spiritual platforms such as Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal.

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